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About us

The name of CIRCUS VERLAG publishing house stands for our program: We deal with only one topic. But we are highly committed and have lots of experiences in this field: CIRCUS!

We produce Europe´s two leading circus magazines and many other publications:

CIRCUSZEITUNG, published by the "Gesellschaft der Circusfreunde e.V." (founded 1956), is Germany´s only and Europe´s largest monthly magazine about circus. Here you can read up-to-date reviews and background stories, features about artists, information about circus animals, as well as news and tour dates, every month, every time on time at the middle of the month.

PLANET CIRCUS is the glossiest international circus magazine in English language, produced in partnership with the European Circus Association and the Fédération Mondiale du Cirque. Four times per year you read detailed, richly illustrated reviews from all over the (circus-) world. These come with many photos and a mini-poster in full color.

CIRCUS BOOKS are also published by CIRCUS VERLAG. Regularly we introduce new books. Five titles have already been released. They always include authentic documents from the circus history, artists' biographies and photos, most of which have never been published before.

CIRCUS MUSIC, i.e. CD's with real circus music by the well known circus-director and band-leader Reto Parolari, and many other publications are exclusively available through CIRCUS VERLAG in Germany.

With all of CIRCUS VERLAG's publications you can rely on the same competence and quality.

Our strengths:

A compact net of correspondents and writers in Germany and abroad.

The experience of professionals, who worked in the circus themselves, and circus fans, most of whom have been engaged in this theme for decades.

Constant and direct contact with all major circuses in Germany, the surrounding countries and also the USA, Canada and China.

The exchange of information with circus magazines in other countries.

A big company owned photo archive and documents about circus history, as well as contact to numberless collectors of circus souvenirs and documents.

Cooperation with many circus museums, especially with the "Kulturhistorische Gesellschaft" and its archives in Marburg, the Swedish Circus Academy and the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, USA.

Smoothly running technical routines from layout to the printing and distribution process over many years that guarantee a punctual publishing. We invite you to surf through our program of publications. If you then become interested and are looking for more circus, please make your choice at our internet shop. We will make sure that all your days become circus days!

On with the show!

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